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10 Tips for Choosing an RV Repair Shop

Get Back on the Road Faster with the Right RV Repair Shop!

We know that your RV, motorhome, or trailer is a big investment — and we understand the importance of finding the right RV shop to ensure your RV receives the best care!

It can be tough to find an RV specialist that you know you can trust. Between regular maintenance and repairs to upgrades, finding someone you know will do a great job for a good price can make the difference between loving your RV and thinking it’s a headache.

Here are 10 tips that we’ve put together to help you determine if you’re hiring the right RV repair specialist:

1. Experience and Expertise

As with any trade or technical skill, finding someone who has experience is key to successfully repairing your RV.

Look for repair specialists who have ample experience with RVs specifically. There are many types of recreational vehicles — look for someone who specializes in your specific RV!

Check your RV specialist’s background, certifications, and any specialized training they might have undergone. An experienced professional is more likely to handle RV repairs efficiently and effectively.

2. Testimonials and Reviews

Look closely at online reviews for the repair shop and also for the specific RV specialist you plan to see. If someone had a bad experience, did they state why that experience was negative? Did the RV specialist respond to the negative feedback? How consistent are good reviews on this RV shop or particular professional?

Go through online reviews and testimonials about the repair specialist to get an idea of their reputation, customer satisfaction level, average price, and overall quality of service. Pay attention to recurring positive or negative feedback!

Also, if you have a good experience, share that with an online community so you can help other RV owners find the best RV repair shop!

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3. Convenience and Service Area

Convenience can be a big factor for RV owners, particularly when it comes to more complex repairs or where your RV is typically kept.

You can’t get more convenient than an RV repairman coming to you to perform repairs. Look for RV repair specialists who offer mobile RV repair services if this is particularly enticing to you and your schedule.

Not all repair professionals provide this option, so ensure they explicitly mention that they can come to your location.
Some specialists have a limited service radius, so it’s important to confirm that they can travel to your location. Check if your RV repairman covers your area to save yourself time!

4. Licensing and Insurance for RV Repairs

Unfortunately, the RV repair industry has a reputation for questionable work. Doing your research ahead of time can save you the time and headache of dealing with an RV specialist that doesn’t make you feel comfortable and confident in your RV repairs! Make sure that any RV repair specialist you’re considering is properly licensed and insured.

Licensing indicates that they meet certain professional standards, while insurance coverage protects you and your RV in case of any unforeseen accidents or damages during the repair process.

Look for information on the website regarding licensing and insurance. A reputable mobile RV repair service will display their licenses and mention their insurance coverage, ensuring professionalism and protection for both you and your RV.

If you have to dig through a website to find the right licenses and insurance coverage. It’s probably not a great sign.

5. Equipment and Tools

If you choose to go the mobile repair specialist route for convenience — among other bonuses to mobile RV repair specialists — make sure that your specialist has a well-equipped vehicle with the necessary tools and equipment to handle various RV repairs.

If you’re using someone for the first time, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to ask about the resources they carry to ensure they are adequately prepared for the job. Like with licensing, insurance, and certifications, if they don’t seem willing to provide you the information about their equipment and tools, you should consider this a red flag and look elsewhere.

6. Communication and Transparency

Effective communication is essential when dealing with RV repairs — and in all areas of life if you ask us!

Ensure any RV repair specialist you are considering is responsive, attentive, and provides clear explanations about the repairs needed.

They should also be transparent about the cost estimates and any potential additional charges.

If you are going with a mobile RV repair specialist, discuss with the repairman how they handle logistics for on-site repairs. They should be able to communicate clearly about how to access your RV, any specific requirements, and the expected duration of the repair process.

On the other side, be communicative and upfront about your expectations. This can make the process so much smoother for everyone involved.

7. Availability and Response Time

Always inquire about your RV repair shop’s availability and response time, especially for mobile repairs.

In an ideal world, you want a repairman who is easy to get ahold of and who can promptly address your needs. When dealing with urgent RV repair needs, having a consistent RV specialist can make the difference between getting back to your adventures next week or next season! Don’t make that mistake!

Mobile RV Repair Shop Fixing a Camper Refrigerator

8. RV Specialist Professionalism and Safety

Pay close attention to the repairman’s professionalism during your first points of contact over the phone. You need to, without a doubt, feel safe and feel like you’re working with a professional throughout each step of the RV repair process. Consider the repairman’s approach to safety and professionalism while working both on-site and off-site (when addressing you over the phone or via email).

They should demonstrate professionalism, courtesy, and respect for you and your property during the entire process. Choose an RV service and repair specialist that you trust.

9. They Stand By Their Work

When you do good work, you love to show it off! A reputable RV repair specialist should be proud to offer warranties or guarantees for their work. This demonstrates their confidence in the repairs they provide and will offer you some peace of mind.

Ask about their warranty policy and what is covered under that warranty.

10. Trust Your Instincts

Our last tip is one that rings true in many areas of life — trust your gut!

If you have any doubts or uneasy feelings at all about a particular RV repair specialist or RV repair shop, listen to your instincts and start looking somewhere else! It is best to explore other options until you feel comfortable with who you are trusting with your RV repair.

We’ve all heard horror stories of mechanics or repair professionals that take advantage of owners. Don’t settle and be one of those stories — find a specialist that you love to trust.

Finding the Right RV Repair Shop for You

Take these 10 factors into consideration and you’ll be in a better position to hire the right RV repair specialist who can efficiently diagnose and fix any issues your RV may have.

Remember: take your time and choose wisely to ensure a positive, safe, and successful RV repair experience.

Prioritizing professionals who specialize in mobile repairs and ensuring clear communication regarding logistics and pricing will increase the likelihood of finding the right RV repairman.

If a mobile RV specialist sounds most appealing to you, find an RV repair specialist near you who can come to your location and provide the necessary repairs conveniently and safely.

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