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It’s getting hot in Texas!

Stay cool in your RV.

There is nothing worse than being stuck in the Texas heat with a broken air conditioner. Let’s get that RV air conditioner fixed before you overheat.

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Is your RV air conditioner not cooling properly? Experiencing strange noises or leaks? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered.

Our trusted and experienced RV repair techs have the skills and knowledge to diagnose and fix any issues you may be facing. With our professional, mobile RV AC repair service, we’ll ensure your RV’s air conditioner is back to keeping you cool and comfortable on your travels and on your stays. Trust JBRV to provide top-notch A/C repair solutions, so you can enjoy worry-free journeys in your RV.

Repairing the air conditioning unit in your RV poses unique challenges. Unlike car AC units located under the hood, RV AC systems are usually situated in the ceiling, confined to a limited 14″ x 14″ space. Whether ducted or non-ducted, repairing these units demands the expertise of a seasoned professional. Trust our skilled technicians to handle the intricacies of RV air conditioning repairs with precision and ensure optimal cooling for your RV’s comfort.

Some of the common RV A/C issues we can fix:

A/C Not Blowing Cool Air

Noisy A/C Unit

Air Conditioner Freezing/Leaking

Air Conditioner Freezing/Leaking

Air Flow Issues

Thermostat & Relay

Blower Motor & Condenser

Freeze Control Sensor

Igniter Electrode


Insect Screens

Duct Covers

Floor Register with Damper

Heating/Cooling Register


and more...

Extensive Experience With Popular RV Air Conditioners

Dometic Air Conditioner Repair
Coleman Air Conditioner Repair

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