12-Volt RV Battery Repair & Diagnostics

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Experience the reliability of a fully functional 12-volt battery system in your RV. From voltage issues to connection problems, our team of skilled technicians is here to diagnose and repair every aspect of your RV’s battery system, ensuring you have consistent power for all your electrical needs.

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Mobile Repair for 12-Volt RV Battery Issues

12-Volt RV Battery Diagnostics & Repair

Is your 12-volt RV battery system giving you trouble? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered.

Your RV’s 12-volt battery system is essential for powering various electrical components, ensuring you have a smooth and comfortable experience on the road. At JBRV Mobile RV Repair, we specialize in comprehensive diagnostics and repairs for 12-volt battery systems. Our expert technicians are equipped to handle a wide range of issues, ensuring your RV remains fully operational and ready for any adventure.

Here are some of the common RV battery repair service we provide:

Battery Testing and Diagnostics

Accurate diagnostics are crucial for identifying battery issues before they become major problems. Our technicians use advanced tools to test the voltage, current, and overall health of your 12-volt batteries. This includes checking for:

Battery Voltage

Measuring the voltage to ensure the battery is holding a proper charge.

Load Testing

Applying a load to the battery to simulate real-world usage and assess its capacity.

Internal Resistance Testing

Evaluating the internal resistance to determine the battery’s condition and lifespan.

State of Charge

Assessing the battery’s current charge level and overall health.

Charging System Inspection

A healthy battery relies on a functional charging system. Our services include:

Alternator Testing

Ensuring your RV’s alternator is charging the battery correctly while the engine is running.

Converter/Charger Testing

Verifying that the converter/charger is working efficiently when connected to shore power.


Preventive Maintenance

Regular maintenance is key to extending the life of your 12-volt battery system. We offer:

Battery Watering

Ensuring proper electrolyte levels in flooded batteries to maintain performance.

Corrosion Prevention

Applying protective coatings to terminals and connections to prevent corrosion.

Routine Testing

Scheduling regular check-ups to monitor battery health and prevent unexpected failures.

Battery Replacement

When diagnostics reveal that a battery is no longer viable, replacement is necessary. We provide:

Battery Sourcing

Offering high-quality replacement batteries that meet your RV’s specifications.

Professional Installation

Ensuring safe and proper installation to prevent future issues.

Old Battery Disposal

Environmentally responsible disposal of old batteries.

Battery Cable and Connection Repairs

Corroded or damaged cables and connections can lead to poor battery performance. Our repair services cover:

Cable Replacement

Installing new, high-quality cables to ensure optimal power flow.

Connection Cleaning

Removing corrosion and ensuring secure, clean connections.

Terminal Repairs

Fixing or replacing damaged battery terminals to prevent connectivity issues.

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